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NameTitleExt.EmailSite LinkPBL Site Link
Christy Coloutti Principal 2002 christy.coloutti @ From the Principal's Desk..  
Laurie Serrani Administrative Assistant 2001 laurie.serrani @   
Amber Quinlan Counselor 2017 amber.quinlan@ Counselor Site  
Jennifer Parent Nurse 2003 jennifer.parent @ Health Office Site  
Kyle Washburn Music Teacher 2020 kyle.washburn @ Music Site  
Danielle Fagan Grade 5, Teacher 2024 danielle.fagan@ Classroom Site PBL Site 
Paula DiFeo Grade 1, Teacher  2010 paula.difeo @ Classroom Site  
Maureen Dobart Grade 3, Teacher  2031 maureen.dobart @ Classroom Site  
Lydia Kuust Math Interventionist 2022 lydia.kuust @ Classroom Site  
Jake Eaton Physical Education Teacher 2016 jake.eaton @   
Corey Smith Grade 4, Teacher 2015 corey.smith @ Classroom Site  
Kim Atkinson Kindergarten, Teacher 2009 kim.atkinson @ Classroom Site  
Julie Flory Pre-K 2013 julie.flory @   
Turiya Levy Reading Interventionist 2021 turiya.levy @ Classroom Site  
Michael Manney Grades 6, Teacher 2023 michael.manney @ Classroom Site PBL Site 
Rebecca Smith-McKee Speech Pathologist 2004 rebecca.smithmckee @ Speech/Language Site  
Jessica Houck Special Educator 2021 jessica.houck @ Classroom Site  
Meghan Doherty Art Teacher 2026   Classroom Site  
Beth Mitchell Special Educator 2019 beth.mitchell @ Classroom Site  
James DeLizza Library Media Specialist 2005  james.delizza@ Library Site  
Abby Bennett Behavior Support 2030 abby.bennett @ Classroom Site  
Sloan Weinberg Grade 2, Teacher 2014 sloan.weinberg @ Classroom Site  
Michael Quesnel Head Custodian 2028 michael.quesnel @   
Cameron Chase Custodian 2028 @   
Connie Lenher Paraeducator  connie.lenher @   
Maureen Wilberg Paraeducator  maureen.wilberg @   
Ron Wood Paraeducator  ron.wood @   
Rachael Vandenburg Paraeducator  rachael.vandenburg @   
Jessica Posch Paraeducator  jessica.posch @   
Carey Bunker Library Assistant  carey.bunker @   
Sandi Reardon Special Educator Classroom Site  
Annie Pigeon Paraeducator  annie.pigeon @   
Elizabeth Bissell Paraeducator  elizabeth.bissell @   
Nichole Boivin Paraeducator  nichole.boivin @   
Courtney Elliott Grade 4-5 Teacher Classroom Site  
Showing 35 items